Professional Septic Tank Service in Rockwall, TX 

Preston Septic Service understands how a defective septic setup can quickly turn a messy situation into a disaster. That’s why for almost 40 we have tirelessly pressed on to assist clients with all matters in septic systems in Rockwall, TX. That includes septic installation, septic maintenance, and septic repairs, and excavation.

Septic Repair in Rockwall, TX

Even though a new tank is fundamental to any property, sometimes your unit might simply need repairs. We’re experts when it comes to septic repairs in Rockwall, TX, because it’s something we have a hand in 24 hours a day. From overflows to back-ups, our all-day-and-night emergency septic repair team has shouldered numerous fixes that last for years.

Septic Repairs Services

Septic Installation in Rockwall, TX

When it comes to implementing a new and improved septic system, you deserve a service that outranks all others as septic installers in Rockwall. While we’re testing soil to establish the best septic system for your situation, drafting the blueprints for the structure, and assembling your vessel in place, we guarantee swift timing without compromising thoroughness in our state-certified installation skills.

Septic Installation Services

Septic Maintenance in Rockwall, TX

Even though our elite teams shine in septic repairs and installation, they accomplish just as much with state-certified septic maintenance in Rockwall. Although we never require maintenance contracts from clients, we highly recommend frequent check-ups on septic systems in Rockwall. It’s a smart way to nip problems in the bud before they build up and cost you more than you ever wanted to spend.

Septic Maintenance Services

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Backhoe & Excavation Services in Rockwall, TX

Oftentimes when we’re inspecting septic systems in Rockwall, we’ll use our trusty backhoe to mend any leaky draining systems or water lines. This effective excavator is just as handy at ripping up driveways that are only devolving with time.

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