Professional Septic Tank Service in Greenville, TX

Preston Septic Service has spent roughly the last 40 years building a reputation as the leaders of septic services in Greenville, TX. With our years of experience as Greenville septic installers, maintenance mechanics, and repairmen, we only see smiling faces on our clients once they witness our proficiency. In fact, the Better Business Bureau agrees and awarded us with an A+ rating.

Septic Repair in Greenville, TX

One of the facets that makes us excel in customer satisfaction is our 24-hour emergency septic repair service in Greenville, TX. Every septic system eventually requires vital repairs, and this troublesome situation is the worst when it sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. That’s why we’ve made our professional repairmen available at the snap of a finger.

Septic Repairs Services

Septic Installation in Greenville, TX

Sometimes when we’re repairing, we’ll discover an outdated system. Whether you’re in dire need of a replacement system or you need a new one put it while settling into Greenville, we also happen to be state-certified septic installers. We specialize in designing and installing lower pressure dosing, conventional, and aerobic septic systems.

Septic Installation Services

Septic Maintenance in Greenville, TX

Once we have planted your state-of-the-art Greenville septic system, saying you’ll want recurring maintenance is a major understatement. If you sign a maintenance contract with us, we’ll come to your property at least three times a year to clean and maintain different facets in your unit, which is ultimately cheaper than repairs and new systems.

Septic Maintenance Services

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Backhoe & Excavation Services in Greenville, TX

We also started using the power of backhoes to assist us with faulty drainage system and water line repairs in Greenville. In turn, we decided to use this equipment to excavate any unsightly driveways, which can be a danger to vehicles over time.

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