Your septic system might crap out on you at some point, but our repair services never will! 

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes older, outdated septic systems. They can poop out at any moment throughout the day or night. Preston Septic Service doesn’t want you to be outside with your significant other while you both gaze up at a gorgeous, starry night sky in East Texas only for the mood to be killed off by the most horrendous smell known to man.

That’s where and when our super squad of septic system soldiers will come to your aid. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling us at the crack of dawn in Terrell, TX, or the darkest part of dusk in Tyler, TX. Our 24-hour emergency septic system repair service will answer any call anytime, anywhere at reasonable rates, even more so with discounts we offer to veterans and seniors.

When you call our emergency service line at 903-963-7381, we’ll send out a team to mend those qualms on your residential, commercial, or industrial property as soon as possible. We know there’s no time to waste when unwanted sewage starts sprouting from the ground. Once we arrive, our experts, armed with the proper tools, will begin analyzing the situation. Whether your septic tank is backed up or tree roots has wrapped around a line, we will do everything in our power to drive away the pesky problems and — more importantly — those funky scents with haste.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might want to consider purchasing a new septic system. Lucky for you, we’re also happen to be the top professionals as septic installers in East Texas.