Can you dig it? We can!

While septic installation, septic maintenance, and septic repair are the focal points at Preston Septic Service, we also offer backhoe and excavation services that are just as exemplary. Our mighty machines greatly assist us with any leaks or damage from faulty drainage system and water line repairs. 

Defective drains, whether it’s a single drain or a full-blown system, and water lines can snowball into bigger and more costly problems that could force you to evacuate your home for an extended time. We revel and excel in septic repairs with our 24-hour service line, and the last thing we want is for your fears to escalate until it goes beyond your budget. As soon as you contact us, our top priority is focusing on mending your drainage issues.

Where your automobile parks every day is incredibly important. That’s why we also utilize our backhoe to excavate any old, cracked, and uneven driveways. A deteriorating driveway not only causes complications overtime to your vehicle, but you could get a needless injury while simply trying to exit it.

Give us a call or send an email today to schedule a backhoe and excavation appointment!