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East Texas Septic System Service Professionals

We’ve been there. After walking out to your porch in the beautiful Texas morning sunrise, you tilt your head down to breathe in some heavenly coffee, but you’re instead greeted with the worst whiff from a broken septic tank. No matter which septic issues you have the displeasure of crossing, Preston Septic Service will come to the rescue. With our state certifications in septic installation, maintenance, and pumping, we have completed an abundance of tasks for satisfied customers in East Texas. No matter where we conduct our business, your expectations will be exceeded with our services rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Locations we travel to in East Texas include Athens, Canton, Dallas, Forney, Greenville, Holly Hill Ranch, Kauffman, Rockwall, Roulette, Sunnyville, Terrell, Tyler, Wills Point, and more! We offer Senior and Military discounts, ask us about them!

Let Us Fix Anything With
Septic Repairs

Unfortunately, a septic tank clogging up or leaking can cause massive issues fast. That’s why you need someone who can patch those problems even faster. Our highly trained pros behind the 24-hour East Texas septic tank repair line are available to flush your septic worries away at a moment’s notice.

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We Fully Clean System With
Septic Maintenance

Did you know a septic system that doesn’t receive continual upkeep each year can cost you more over time? With our septic maintenance know-how, we will thoroughly inspect various types of lines throughout the year to clean out any obstructions so we can prevent back-ups and overflow, as well as losses to your wallet.

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Tear Up That Driveway With
Backhoe & Excavation

Our business runs like a well-oiled machine — an excavation machine, that is. We use our backhoe to not only stabilize any flawed drainage systems and water lines issues, but we also excavate run-down driveways. Don’t wait too long to rectify these concerns because time will cost you more than our excellent service.

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Septic System Service Areas

Whether you’re building a new home on your land or you simply need to swap an old system, our septic installation craft can’t be rivaled. Once we test your soil, we’ll decide and design an incredible septic system from the ground up — literally — and kick off installation as soon as we can.

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