Leave all the sloppy matters to us, the septic experts!

Looking for a new septic system for your freshly built home? Do you want to replace an outdated system? Preston Septic Service is state certified and highly skilled at East Texas septic system installation without breaking your bank account, especially with the appealing discounts we give to veterans and seniors.

Once you contact us and schedule a meet time, we’ll drive out to your residential, commercial, or industrial space to conduct a soil test. This lets us see which types of septic systems best suits your structure while staying within government regulations. Should you decide to hire us and our ace services, we will not charge you for the soil test. 

The convenient and independent septic systems we can install on large and small scales in residential and commercial locales can help you avoid the steep costs of sewer lines. The types of system we install are:


This frequently used system in East Texas utilizes an aerobic process for content digestion that can be sterilized and used for surface irrigation.


A decades-old but efficient design, this system contains a septic tank along with a trench or bed subsurface wastewater infiltration system — also known as a drainfield.


This septic system treats wastewater, which is then injected into the soil several times each day. Despite being a nonstandard distribution system, it’s less expensive to install compared to others.

Once we settle on what will finely fit your property and acquire the right permits, we will immediately start designing the most outstanding septic system East Texas has ever seen. From there, we begin installation that will be completed in a timely manner without taking away from our craftsmanship. We take cash, credit cards, and checks for our services. 

Contact us today so we can install the septic system you deserve!