“Waste not, want not” is one of our principal philosophies!

One of the most important aspects to keeping any septic system lasting long and running efficiently is frequent maintenance. No matter if you’re on residential, industrial, or commercial properties such as schools, restaurants, nursing homes, and more, Preston Septic Service will expertly uphold your East Texas septic systems without blindsiding you with unbearable rates. Did we mention our prices get even better following senior and military discounts. 

We will work with you to draw up a maintenance contract and schedule the three most ideal days within the year to inspect your septic system to fully make sure nothing is obstructing the machinery. With our state certification in maintenance, we inspect your septic system for:

Line types we clean and pump

What we look for

Recurring cleanses are not only vital for how smoothly septic systems function, but it’ll keep your pockets thicker with money and your property free from any questionable stenches. Septic back-ups — even small ones — and overflow can turn into quick messes, which turn into pricey cleanups and repairs, which we will also happily handle for you if your septic tank is in dire need of fixes. Trust us when we say that’s not something you want to sit on for long and cause more damage.

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Environmental friendliness is crucial to us. That’s why once our work is complete, we only dump loads at state-certified dumping sites. Doing the paperwork required for septic system cleaning and maintenance is about as much fun as a leaky lawn. Preston Septic Service will take care of all the governmental documents to make sure we can maintain your septic systems as soon as possible.

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